Accommodation & Food

Accommodation and Food in Bagan Myanmar

High season is from November to March so it is generally advisable to make your reservation well in advance of the game if we’re going to stay in hotels. Another possibility is to stay in apartments, pagodas, monasteries and temples. In general there are many types of accommodations and all pretty clean and economical. The rooms tend to be with bathroom and air conditioning (very important) and also offered extra services like laundry, currency exchange, etc…


Another important fact is electricity because is restricted in the country and only we will have since 5 pm to 11 pm. The rest of the day at the hotels there is electricity with diesel generators.

In Burma you can eat quantity and quality according to your money. At all hours at the restaurants and tea rooms have an open kitchen, and at any moment we can grab a snack.


As with most of Asia countries, the foundation of your diet is rice and noodles, which is accompanied with meat, fish and vegetables of all kinds. Also, small bowls of soup and stews tend to fill the table. The chinese tea and sugar only are included in the menus taken with meals.
At the evening is usually taken Indian style tea with milk and sugar, together with typical local snacks.


Some popular desserts in Bagan Myanmar

Not to mention the fruits served as desserts in Myanmar, this golden country has the rich collection of the unique desserts. Mohinga (rice noodle served with fish soup) and Laplet (pickled tea leaves served with sesame seeds, roasted peanuts and fried garlic) are the two most popular and tasteful snacks here. Besides, Kyauk Kyaw (the seaweed jelly) is favorably served with the coconut milk layer on the top; it is very delicious. In the same sense, Thagu is the great dessert referring to the tapioca pudding added with coconut to enrich the taste.

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