History of Bagan city

The first inhabitants of these areas were the Mons who exercised their influence in Thailand. Later came burmesas migration from the north almost to the southern region.

Beach Asia Bagan Myanmar Birmania
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His time of greatest splendor was between the eleventh to fourteenth centuries when they were built about 4500 temples and pagodas (stupas). This period began in 1044 when King Anawrahta assumed the throne and thus began the golden age of empire.

Buddha in Bagan Yangon Myanmar Asia
Buddha in Bagan Yangon Myanmar Asia

King did big changes enhancing the culture, Buddhism was introduced and the alphabet burman too.

By the thirteenth century the city began a slow decline with the invasion of the Mongols, earthquakes and looting several.

And Marco Polo in 1208, described the city of Pagan almost like a dream, a vision of gold and silver temples, a magical and amazing country. In his five thousand temples, the most interesting are the Ananda Bagan, Thatbyinnyu and Gawdawpalin.

Buda Budha Buddha Buddha in Bagan Yangon Myanmar Asia
Buda Budha Buddha Buddha in Bagan Yangon Myanmar Asia

Burma has now been renamed the «Union of Myanmar» by the military junta (SPDC) that governs it. This ruling junta has restored some temples, but neglecting the original architectural style and using also modern materials that bear no resemblance to the original. As if this were not enough, the government has authorized the construction of a golf course, a paved highway, a tore observation of 61 meters and a very luxurious grand hotel, causing a high visual impact on the landscape.
Thus, Myanmar is under military dictatorship since the coup of September 18, 1988, when it was abolished the constitution of January 3, 1974.

The general chief of the army is Than Shwe and also he is chief of the State since April 23, 1992.
Lapoblación is currently suffering the oppression of the military government, and in additions the high investment in armaments, not build social facilities such as hospitals, schools and libraries, making Burma is the poorest country in all of Southeast Asia.

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