Political and security situation

Due to the political situation from the website of the British Foreign Office (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) is recommended not to visit the country unless absolutely necessary. In the case of traveling there are advised to:

– Try not to leave marked trails and tourist routes.

– Avoid large gatherings and demonstrations. Prohibited gatherings of more than five people.

– Do not photograph and / or filming the police and army, because that could be interpreted as a provocation.

– The curfew is set at 22:00 h. at 04:00 h, but may vary.

– There are severe restrictions on freedom of opinion and the criticism of the regime may result in arrest and detention of foreigners.

– Avoid visiting the leader of the opposition (Daw Aung Sung Suu Kyi) under house arrest, and the offices of his party «National League for Democracy, as they may attract the attention of the authorities.

Link to Interpol police Myanmar


But if we take these basic standards, the military regime will not bother us at all the tourists, since we are considered a source of income, and therefore we can feel safe.

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